Frequently Asked Questions

Answering the common questions we get about escape rooms

What is an escape room?

For Eclipse Escapes, an escape room is a way to make you the star of the show without a script! A group of people - friends, colleagues, family - are placed into a story and have a set amount of time to complete it. Each escape room has a number of puzzles, tasks and challenges that fit the room's theme, and will require your group to work together to solve them. You won’t be physically locked in, but you will have to unlock your mind…

How do I book an escape room?

You can book an escape room online through our website, or give us a call at 249-288-7100.

What if we get stuck?

If you and your group are stumped by any of the puzzles, you can ask our escape room Game master for a hint. We do want you to escape, the next group will need the room 😊

How old do I have to be to play?

Our escape rooms welcome anyone of any age to work together and solve each room's puzzles. Participants under the age of 16 will need a parent or legal guardian present and to sign the required waiver. 

How many different rooms do you have?

We currently one room, and four rooms in development. You can view those over at our Escape Rooms page!

Will we be playing with strangers?

Absolutely not, all rooms are private. When you book an escape room with us it will just be you and the others you come with in the room. That said, make sure your group meets the minimum required number of participants before booking the room, there are some puzzles that cannot be completed without the minimum.

What happens if we don't escape in time?

If you don't solve the puzzles, you'll unfortunately be trapped for all eternity.

Just kidding! Our game designers have created alternate endings for each room in order to provide a satisfactory finish to the story even if you didn’t complete all the objectives in time. You can always book another escape room session and try your luck again with the knowledge you learned on your first time around if you want to get the full story.

How early should I arrive for my booking?

We recommend you and your group show up at least 15 minutes before the game starts. This will allow time to complete waivers and review the rules.

Are we required to wear masks during a game?

Eclipse Escapes will be following all government guidelines. At this time we do not require that you wear a mask while playing. We also sanitize each escape room regularly to ensure maximum cleanliness.

What if I need to cancel / reschedule my booking?

If you need to cancel a booking, please give us a call at 249-288-7100 with at least 24 hours’ notice for a full refund, or to reschedule to a later date.

Can we bring food / drink into an escape room?

While we understand the desire to snack on an adventure, the puzzles need your full attention! No food or drink will be allowed in the escape rooms. A secured area will be provided to leave any bulky personal belongings, including food and drink, while you participate in the game.